Quality Matters

Quality is at the core of dealing with exempt medicinal products.

An unlicensed and bespoke medicines manufacturer like EMP must ensure value for money for any stakeholder and be seen to be providing high quality medicines in a cost effective and timely manner to offer the best in patient patient care.

To manufacture these ‘Specials’, EMP is highly regulated by the HPRA and is committed to produce unlicenced medicines to a very high standard.

To maintain these standards is critical and Quality needs to be at the forefront of prescriber, pharmacist and patient thinking as evidenced by the fact that there have been instances of medication failing due to crushed tablets being used rather than a bespoke product from a fully licenced Specials manufacturer.

Patients or inexperienced staff crushing tablets to manufacture a medicine can lead to high levels of dose variability and there have been documented instances of substantial under-dosing or over-dosing taking place due to issues of suspension or formulation.

Many patients who require a bespoke medical intervention often have complex needs, with potentially overlapping conditions. Without the availability to receive appropriate medication, patients can experience exacerbation of symptoms, unnecessary suffering and of course this leads to increased cost to the taxpayer.

Quality is at our core

Quality Costs 
The balance between cost, quality and speed of achieving patient wellbeing is key to the decision making around prescribing and producing unlicenced medicines.
Our commitment to quality, combined with our  skills knowledge and extensive experience will ensure the highest standards – ensuring the prescriber, pharmacist and patient have complete confidence in their Specials medicines.

Quality Improvement
 A policy of continuous improvement supports the service levels offered by EMP, including same or next day delivery of high quality products and product information, guidance and help with prescription endorsing, on our on line live chat service helps ensure that quality is at the heart of what we do.

Quality is not negotiable 
EMP is determined to ensure that patient’s needs are being fully met with high quality products that are cost effective and delivered in a timely manner.