EMP...Exempt Medicinal Products Ltd

an Irish company that is Irish customer focused, specialising in exempt medicinal products...
 ...those unlicensed medicinal products required when a patient young or old, has difficulty in swallowing, is on a liquid diet, is allergic to excipients or who requires a different, strength, formula, or dosage forms.
Liquids: Oral and Topical Liquids
Semi-solids: Creams and Ointments
Solid Dose: Capsules and Powders

To help you meet this growing need...

...We offer 
Excellence in intra logistics, distribution and rapid manufacture
a simple to use 24/7 on-line ordering process
Rapid service
Next day delivery in and around Dublin
high product availability
Products made under GMP in Ireland
Product and service innovation
Improved financial viability

Through our 24/7 webshop, with its real time advice facility, we're manufacturing, using international best practice, these non-sterile individual patient medicines in our state of the art, HPRA inspected lab to GMP standards.

Using a MS Dynamics driven management system and semi automated warehousing, we will manufacture the right products of the right quality at the right time.

Utilising our international supply chain management system and network, we will supply those hard to source medicines not licensed here and will be developing innovative products to improve patient outcomes and give our customers an edge in the market.
EMP... a major investment in facility, quality system, business system, site and most importantly... human resource.

Creating local jobs
Providing Customer, Patient and Paymaster benefits
Offering Speed of service.. same/next day rather than up to 5 days from UK
Sourcing hard to find products from global supply network